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2016-08-23 21:52:28 by RC75

Techno-Trance song coming soon!


2016-08-08 20:25:53 by RC75

I just want to give a shoutout to my followers and viewers! I noticed that three of my songs have reached over 100 views in the few months they've been up! And my latest song, Lonely Night, was at 85 views a couple of days ago. Now it is at over 205! It's not a lot in general, but I never expected to get notice so quickly! Thanks again, everyone!

New Stuff!

2016-07-08 02:02:45 by RC75

So, I've decided to take a partial break from my usual dance style, and experiment  with some other genres such as House, Dubstep/DnB, and Vocal (maybe). To be clear, i will still make my usual dance style, but I will not make them as often until I am comfortable with some other styles. As far as vocals go, it's a definite maybe, as I'm quite scared to use my vocals in songs. Plus, my song lyrics I've had in the past have always had something weird with them. Idk. But, a new Dubstep song is in the works, and you should expect it within the next couple of months. Thanks!


2016-07-04 16:50:30 by RC75

I just want to thank my first two followers! I know its not a lot, but we all have to start somewhere! And Happy 4th of July, USA!