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2017-09-17 22:47:09 by RC75

So, long time no see, NG.


First off, I wanna apologize for this long break (how many have I taken?). I thought I'd be able to get stuff done during the summer. Did I? Sorta. Before the original mix release of Summer Rain, I started a YouTube channel and uploaded some version of 'Beacon' on there, and it did alright. After that, I realized I needed a different visualizer (so the videos don't get boring), but that never happened so I haven't been able to upload there quite yet. And after that, for some reason I ended up taking a break from producing for awhile.... or did I?


In that time I was working on some other music stuff. I don't really know what some of it was (probably some stuff I'll never release), but one project that was taking a lot of time for some reason is an electro / bass house / trancey sort of song. As of now, it is around 6 minutes long. I have a bulk of it done and most of the time was just spent tweaking minor things that I can't even remember. 

Then I got involved in some game (which I might not end up doing music for after all) where I was contributing to sound track. But band got in the way of that and then school happened. So there's that. Now back to new songs!

The one I mentioned earlier is called "A Thousand Skies" and will hopefully be done in a short amount of time from here. I also have two brand new Progressive House songs in the works (both are near completion). One of them I feel needs a vocalist (message me if interested in that by the way; female vocals preferred) and the other one I started yeseterday. And that one is also almost done, but I feel is too short at the moment so I will work on that until I get the desired length of time. You may or may not remember a collab I was working on that I might have mentioned at one point. Sorry, @SirHadoken. I will get that done at some point! I promise you that.

So, four songs to look forward to in the (hopefully) near future.

Don't forget to follow me on SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/user-186487733) and subscribe on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChHQYbwrey-2n2ZMiEmsqvw/videos)

Since I will release A Thousand Skies first, I will leave you with a preview of it tonight (I hope you enjoy it)



Another year done!

2017-05-26 11:15:38 by RC75

Well, my first year of high school is officially over! And now that it's summer, I can work on more songs (hopefully) and maybe finally get music production nailed down. Also, please don't forget to check out my soundcloud and youtube pages. I need all the support I can get!

New Stuff

2017-04-16 02:04:36 by RC75

New song "Beacon" is about ready to release in a few minutes. First real attempt at progressive house. Sorry about such a long break, by the way. I had one song ALMOST complete, and then I accidentally screwed it up completely. I've scrapped it for another time. I do have a couple of other songs I'm working on right now. A collab, which is a pretty different style than my future new style; an electro/complextro song called "Bazooka", and a sorta 'Elektronomia' styled song I've barely touched on. There are a few other old projects here and there that I may or may not continue. Anyways, I'll upload my new things to SoundCloud usually a couple of days after I release here, and I'll start being active on YouTube whenever I can find a good visualizer. 


One more thing...... since I am officially taking this seriously now, I'm gonna try to get to some record label eventually, with NCS in mind especially.

Old stuff

2017-04-02 16:14:10 by RC75

WHich of my old songs should I do a vip of?


2017-03-31 23:25:45 by RC75



2017-03-27 19:40:55 by RC75

My new song is almost done ;)


2017-03-26 16:02:39 by RC75

Who knows of a good, free visualizer for music?

music again again

2017-02-13 18:38:55 by RC75

I got Serum!

music again

2017-02-08 22:14:26 by RC75

Okay. First and foremost, my new main genre(s) will be Progressive House, Electro/Electro House, and other Housey (google it- it's a real term) music. Also the occasional experiment and video game song.

Secondly, I really need help getting started with this new stage in my career (not really my career, just used it for lack of better words). If ANYONE has any good tips or advice, please tell me. It seems as though nothing I make sounds right, or even good.

Last of all, I'm kind of in a writer's block here. I've got a couple of songs started, but I am lacking inspiration for them. If anyone would like to help, PM me and we can discuss details. 

Btw, I use FL Studio 12.4 producer edition. VST's I have are  Helm Beta, Air Hybrid 3, and Tyrell N6. I plan on buying Serum very soon.




2017-02-05 00:01:50 by RC75

So... I have soundcloud now... I haven't put anything on it yet. Tomorrow I may upload a song I've been working on for a month now. Probably not, as it is not quite done. Anyways, thought I'd let some people know.

Also, please ignore the "All" section. I had to follow something so I could get free drum samples.