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We did it!

2017-01-22 16:51:48 by RC75

Morph Dubstep has officially hit 1k view! Thanks to each and every one of you who listened and continue to listen to my music! 


2017-01-17 23:14:26 by RC75

So: first things first, I wish to thank all of you for a great first year! I appreciate each of my fans and hope to get more in the future. Secondly, I would like to announce a progressive house/electro styled song. It's not good so far, so I will maybe post a demo with little snippets of it. If I do, you'll have to tell me how to make it better. Now that the first year is over, I'm going to take my music more seriously. Also, I'm thinking of doing a name reveal. Yes or no? I've updated my schedule for 2017 so here are the first few songs for the Jan-Mar timeframe:

1. It's a mystery... [January]

2. Cube Planet 3 [January]

3. Song mentioned above (may need name suggestions, thinking Dark Sentiment might fit, but tell me later) [January or February]

4. Future Bass song [February]

5. Techno song [may or may not release]


Anyways, Thanks again!




Morph Dubstep

2017-01-12 21:37:53 by RC75

I am replacing the old file with a more updated one for Morph (original remix). MP3 called Morph Remix. The newer version will replace the old one, so if you want to re-download it I'd reccomend it. On a side note, it has over 900 views!!! Can we get to 1k?


2016-12-19 21:16:24 by RC75

I've uploaded my last 3 submissions of the year today. I won't be working on anything else until next year. The first songs I expect to upload next year are:

1. Cube Planet 3

2. New Techno Song

3. Unnamed Future Bass Song

4. Next third-party song remix (I will base it off of the requests on the previous news post. Don't be afraid to make suggestions!)

Anyways, have a merry Christmas, happy Hannukah, Kwanza, New Year, and anything else you celebrate!

See you later!



2016-12-18 20:43:35 by RC75

What are some songs you would like me to remix (ng music only)


2016-11-02 19:10:46 by RC75

Do you think I should do speedcore? Well, not really speedcore, but something dimrain47 styled (speed of light or forsaken neon, for example)?

I must ask a question

2016-10-23 22:51:23 by RC75

My new track "Downfall" is here! Anyways, I was wondering if some people could leave suggestions for a genre for me to experiment with! So far, an electro-house remix of "Turbulence" is near. I was considering doing a drum'n'trance song. Let me know what else you would like to see me try!


2016-10-19 19:06:00 by RC75

Hey! I must apoligize for breaking my promise about the song! Reason? My computer wasn't working, so I had no access to it. Anyways, it's almost done!

New Dubstep?

2016-10-02 10:46:30 by RC75

I've been working on another melodic dubstep song for my "experiment" series. Yes, I have done it before, but it was a remix of a previous song. This one is 100% new! Should expect it this week.

EDIT 10/7/16: It started out as melodic dubstep, but idk what it is now. It's more of a melodic chillstep with a drop unlike either genres. It should be out today. Spoiler alert! It's almost 7 minutes long.



I'm Back!

2016-09-28 21:35:23 by RC75

Remember the song I announced a month ago? It's done! High school and band have really taken a toll on me, but you should expect more music soon!