music again

2017-02-08 22:14:26 by RC75

Okay. First and foremost, my new main genre(s) will be Progressive House, Electro/Electro House, and other Housey (google it- it's a real term) music. Also the occasional experiment and video game song.

Secondly, I really need help getting started with this new stage in my career (not really my career, just used it for lack of better words). If ANYONE has any good tips or advice, please tell me. It seems as though nothing I make sounds right, or even good.

Last of all, I'm kind of in a writer's block here. I've got a couple of songs started, but I am lacking inspiration for them. If anyone would like to help, PM me and we can discuss details. 

Btw, I use FL Studio 12.4 producer edition. VST's I have are  Helm Beta, Air Hybrid 3, and Tyrell N6. I plan on buying Serum very soon.




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